SAMSUNG 305L 2-Door Fridge RT31CG5020S9ST

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Dimension: 600 * 1715 * 647

SMARTTHINGS AI ENERGY MODE. Smart monitoring and energy saving AI Energy Mode* analyzes your refrigerator’s usage patterns and estimates electricity costs based on AI technology. You’ll be advised to activate Power Save mode to reduce usable power by up to 7%**.

OPTIMAL FRESH+. Ensure food stays fresh for twice as long* The Optimal Fresh+ storage compartment allows you to switch between four different modes for storing food. Meat and fish last up to twice as long as regular refrigeration.* It also helps to preserve the natural taste of food.

SPACEMAX™. Store more food with up to 20 litres more indoor space* Unique SpaceMax™ technology uses ultra-high-quality polyurethane insulation that keeps walls much thinner without sacrificing energy savings. This allows the refrigerator to have more space inside.

AUTOMATIC ICE MACHINE. Rest assured that you have plenty of ice for cold drinks whenever you need them, as well as free up space for the refrigerator compartment. Automatic Ice Machine* automatically produces ice and stores ice cubes in the bottom compartment that you can take out to serve ice at any time.

ACTIVE FRESH FILTER. Keep the refrigerator compartment clean and hygienic. To help reduce the risk of food contamination, the Active Fresh Filter* removes 99.99%** of bacteria on the filter surface, where air passes through the activated carbon filter to disinfect and filter odors. Antibacterial mesh will help remove bacteria.

INTELLIGENT CONTROL. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you track and optimize your refrigerator’s performance using the SmartThings app.* So you can easily control Rapid Cooling mode and change temperatures, and receive notifications when the door is left open. It will also help detect and diagnose problems.
* Compatible with Android and iOS devices, Wi-Fi connection and Samsung Account are required.

MULTI TRAY. Make good use of your refrigerator space with Removable Multi Tray* It is placed under the shelf and allows you to store and organize small items like bottles and cans, as well as food and ingredients like pizza and egg cartons, in an orderly and easy-to-remove manner so you can serve them anywhere.

MODERN LOOK AND DESIGN. The clean contemporary design comes with beautiful flat doors decorated with premium silver trim and a fridge lid handle that won’t clutter in any way. This makes the refrigerator perfectly match kitchen appliances and enhances the look of your home.

DIGITAL INVERTER TECHNOLOGY. Enjoy peace of mind with more economical energy bills Lower noise and durable performance The digital inverter compressor can automatically adjust the speed according to the desired cooling level. So it works quieter.

ALL-AROUND COOLING. Elevate the food storage compartment with proper cooling and efficient preservation of freshness. The state-of-the-art All-Around Cooling continuously monitors temperatures and circulates cold air through key air vents, allowing food on every shelf and compartment to be stored at the right temperature.

POWER COOL. Experience fast cooling performance to soak food and beverages quickly. With the touch of a button, the Power Cool button blows very cold air into the fridge compartment, so you can quickly refrigerate weekly treats to preserve freshness and flavor, or quickly refrigerate party drinks.