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Dimension: 600 mm (W) x 652 mm (D) x 850 mm (H)

Clean, sterile
HygienicCare function provides soft steam that sprays at the end of washing. To eliminate germs and allergens. 99.9% with steam temperature of 40°C, gentle on clothing and energy efficient

50% more energy savings
Motor EcoInverter not only works quietly and without interference. It also saves 50%* energy compared to normal motor models with a 10-year

Fast and adaptable washing cycles
Adjust your laundry cycle to fit your schedule With Quick 15 wash, you can wash small or one-piece laundry efficiently. The Daily39 wash cycle is ideal for everyday clothes or a full wash cycle that takes 1 hour

Take care of your favorite clothes
UltimateCare washing machines let you adjust the washing temperature accordingly. With 6 selectable temperature levels, all fabrics are properly cared for.

Open the door to add more laundry during washing.
The Add Clothes function allows you to quickly refill clothes you’ve forgotten to put in your machine up to 15 minutes after the start of your cycle.

Dry, clean, safe
Now your favorite clothes will be dry clean after washing. With automatic laundry program that allows clothes Not exposed to outside air that may be accompanied by pollution, contaminants. This ensures that your sensitive skin is safe to wear.