ELECTROLUX 14KG Topload Washer EWT1474M7SA

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Dimension: 670 mm (W) x 707 mm (D) x 1092 mm (H)

Removes 40 visible stains*
StainCare provides a complete solution to remove 40 different visible stains*, without pre-treatment or pre-washing. The unique combination of washing machine technologies ensures high performance in one wash. First, UltraMix thoroughly dissolves and activates detergent before it enters the drum**. The StainCare stain removal cycle then works on tough stains, followed by powerful high pressure dual jets activated in the last phase of the wash cycle to give the clothes a thorough rinse and great washing results.

Bye visible detergent residues
With UltraMix technology detergent is thoroughly dissolved and activated before it enters the drum. This ensures that detergent is activated and your clothes are cleaned without visible detergent residue. With UltraMix you can say good bye to visible detergent residue and forget rewashing*.

Always clean with PowerJet
PowerJet technology ensures a very effective flushing-in of the detergent for maximum washing efficiency. Plus the high pressure water jets also keep the detergent dispenser clean.

Less tangling
ActiveFlow gently lifts clothes from the bottom of the drum during the wash cycle to reduce tangling. This prevention of twisting and knotting lessens wear and tear to keep your garments looking new for longer.

25% less water
AutoLevel reduces the amount of water used in each wash without compromising on cleaning performance. Sensors automatically determine the right amount of water for the load size, saving an average of 50 litres per cycle.

Quiet. Safe. Efficient.
The durable lid utilises soft-closing hinges to ensure silent and safe operation. The scratch resistant surface can also be used as an additional work area in your laundry room to maximise space.