PHILIPS Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 12.2mm Drivers Closed-Back Ultra Comfy SHB4305BK/00

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Powerful 12.2 mm speaker drivers
This is big, powerful bass that lets you really feel the beat. Powerful 12.2 mm speaker drivers blast out thumping bass from a sleek, compact package.

Rechargeable battery offers up to 6 hours of playtime
With 6 hours of playtime, you’ll have enough power to keep your music going all day.

Bluetooth wireless technology
Easily pair your headphones with any Bluetooth device for wireless music.

Ergonomic design for max comfort
Ergonomically designed with oval and angled tubes for a comfortable, natural fit. So you can keep listening for hours in total comfort.

Remote control for handsfree calls and music
An easy-to-use remote control allows you to play or pause tracks and answer calls with a simple push of a button.

Wing tips for secure fit
The wing tips provide a little extra push for a better, more secure fit that never falls out.

Great sound isolation
Desgined for optimal passive noise isolation, this in-ear fit ensures you never miss a beat of your music.

Big, bold bass you can feel
This is big, powerful bass that lets you really feel the beat. Don’t let the sleek design fool you – specially tuned drivers and bass vents produce ultra-low end frequencies to create a unique BASS+ sound signature.

USB charging cable
The included USB charging cable makes it easy to keep your headphones powered up when you need them.

Weightless feel, wireless freedom
With an ultralight, weightless feel, these wireless in-ear headphones give you the freedom to move without restriction.