PHILIPS Facial Hair Remover BRR454/00

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No fuzz. No fuss
Philips Facial Hair Remover 5000 Series gently removes the finest hairs on your face with the hypoallergenic head. The built-in mirror and full circle LED light help you miss no hair. The perfect partner for smooth skin on the go

Beautifully smooth skin
Specifically designed for women to gently remove the finest hairs on the upper lip, chin, cheeks and jawline. This beauty accessory cuts so close to the skin that it removes from peach to sturdy hairs. As with other hair removal methods, the hair does not grow back thicker, denser or darker

Built-in mirror
The built-in mirror makes it easy to use and helps you miss no hair. For a smooth skin wherever you are

Full circle LED-light
The full circle LED-light ensures maximum visibility to spot and effectively remove even the finest hairs

Compact and portable
This beauty accessory with its protective cap is made for on the go. The compact and lightweight design make it ideal for a quick touch up wherever you are. Ready to use with an AA battery included

Gives results without pain*
86% of our consumers confirm no pain compared to waxing or tweezing while using Philips Facial Hair Remover 5000**

Skin-friendly touch up with hypoallergenic head
Includes hypoallergenic head for a skin-friendly experience*. The washable head is made of a corrosion-free material for an excellent hygiene. 86% of users confirm no skin irritation after use***

Faster than tweezing, gentler than wax**
The Philips Facial Hair Remover 5000 provides faster facial hair removal method compared to tweezers. It effortlessly removes peach fuzz while being gentler than wax**

Self-sharpening blades
The head with self-sharpening blades delivers constant closeness to the skin to enjoy flawless results, time after time

Designed for effective facial hair removal
The unique design of the head with curved openings ensures easy hair catching. The wide head provides you with great coverage and fast hair removal

For flawless make up results
The Philips Facial Hair Remover 5000 cuts hair close to the skin, smoothing over your face for flawless makeup application