BEKO 1.7L 3000W Electric Kettle WKM7307B

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360° Rotating Base – 360°, ergonomic kettle pick-up
The 360° Rotating Base lets you pick your kettle up and set it down without contorting your wrist at all – just in whatever way’s most comfortable for you!

Dry-boil Protection – Automatic shut-off if all water boils off
Boil-dry Protection is a precautionary function that turns the kettle off automatically when the appliance runs out of water. It prevents accidents and any damage that might happen to the kettle.

Auto Shut-off – Automatic switch-off once water boils
You don’t need to watch your kettle come to a boil any more thanks to the Auto Shut-off function that stops the appliance once the water comes to a boil.

AntiSlip Feet – Firm & stable hold
Anti-slip Feet will secure your kettle, making it stand strong and stable on the countertop. The appliance will not budge, no matter how intense boiling or your handling is.