MAYER MMPC1650 1.6L Intelligent Multi-Cook Electric Pressure Cooker

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Pressure Cooking is MORE Efficient. Food and cooking is a process of discovery. We’ve discovered that a Pressure Cooker is an important tool in our healthier living today and we hope you too!Cooking with a Pressure Cooker results in healthier and better tasting food, food preparation in lesser time. Pressure-cooking helps retain the quality of the foods by preparing them quickly. Mayer Intelligent Multi-Cook Pressure Cooker cooks 70% faster than any other conventional cooking method. It is fast, energy efficient and another healthy way of cooking.

  • 1.6L gross capacity with 1.5mm aluminium inner pot
  • 8 Safety Measures
  • ONE Touch Button for 8 dishes and that’s all you need.
    • Auto Keep Warm (up to 24Hr) / Cancel
    • 99 minutes Cooking Time Setting
    • 24 Hours Pre-set Time
    • 8 Cooking Programs
  • Benefits of using Pressure Cooker:
    • Retain food nutrients and taste better
    • Energy and Time Saving
    • Intelligent and Safe
    • Multi Cooker
    • Pleasant cooking experience and easy to clean
    • Automatically adjust pressure

Model: MMPC1650