ELECTROLUX 70L Table Top Oven EOT7024XFG

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Dimension: 640 mm (W) x 497 mm (D) x 408 mm (H)

Cook 4 functions in one stove
Bake a variety of food up to 4 functions: grill, grill, bake meat and grill with spindle.

Fry with hot air, no need to worry about oil.
Designed for hot air cooking, AirFry delivers maximum hot air to food for delicious, crispy, low-oil design without damaging health

Bake, grill, reheat.
Take your cooking to the next level with the Convection heating function, so you can grill the whole chicken for a delicious crispy skin, bake muffins, bread and cakes.

Bake the dough to make it fluffy.
The oven’s special function is to ferment the dough to the right temperature to make the yeast in the dough fluffy properly. Allows you to make bread and prepare yogurt conveniently.

Reheats food quickly
Full reheating power It allows you to quickly heat food to your liking.

Set a timer for slow-grilling for a delicious, tender and tasty flavor with a timer of up to 2 hours.