ELECTROLUX 27L Convectional Microwave Oven EMC27D22BM

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  • Size: 495 mm (W) 435 mm (D) 290 mm (H)
  • Convection function for grilling meat or cakes.
  • CombiGrill for grilling and microwaving in one program.
  • Crispy Reheat restores the crispiness of food.

Baking cakes and meat. Reheat.
Take your daily cooking to the next level. Using the convection heater function, you can now bake whole chicken with perfectly crispy skin or bake muffins, breads and cakes.

Hot and crispy
Microwave food that is not only hot, but also crispy and delicious. The pre-tuned CombiGrill program automatically splits the time between roasting and microwave cooking to produce food cooked perfectly in your microwave, with no compromise on taste or texture.

Heat food until crispy and perfectly delicious
Say goodbye to mushy microwave leftovers with Crispy Reheat. Now you can retain the original taste and texture of the reheated food, even fried chicken wings and fries. The food is thoroughly heated at high temperature then the delicious crispiness is restored with the microwave roasting function.

Cooking a wide variety of dishes
Whether you’re cooking healthy vegetables or fresh fish, twenty-three pre-tuned programs intuitively apply precise timing and power to expertly cook a wide variety of dishes.

Easy menu at your fingertips
Simple and intuitive menus set the right cooking time and power for different cooking methods and food types for easy reheating, cooking, and defrosting results.

Safe choice for children
Parents and caregivers can implement the child’s lock function to prevent your child’s hands from operating the microwave oven.