BEKO Built-in Hob Gas 75CM Stainless Steel HIEW72242SOB

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Dimension (cm): 14.5 Height x 76 Width x 45 Depth

High Efficiency Gas Burner – Faster & more efficient cooking with special burner design
Don’t let a busy day cost you a healthy meal. Now you can cook every meal faster and more efficiently on the hob. High Efficiency Gas Burners use less gas and cook more quickly than standard burners. So even when you’re short on time, you can put your favourite meals on the table fast.

Gas Safety- Automatic gas cut-off
It’s easy for a flame to go out when you’re not around, unleashing dangerous gas into the house. The Gas Safety feature will detect when a burner flame is extinguished by an over-boiling pot or a gust of wind, and shut off the gas supply. No leaks, no worries.