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BEKO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner VRT94929VI

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Ultimate cleaning solution for busy households. The Beko Cordless Vacuum Cleaner VRT 94929 VI is designed for efficient and hassle-free cleaning. With a powerful 450W motor, it can clean various surfaces, from carpets to hard floors. It also features a lightweight and cordless design, making it easy to manoeuver around furniture and hard-to-reach areas. The vacuum comes with a charging dock, extra battery, 2-in-1 brush tool, and a crevice nozzle for versatile cleaning

PerformCyclone® Technology – Powerful Suction at your finger tips
Delivering 165W of suction power, PerformCyclone® Technology allows you to deeply clean your carpets and hard surfaces. Even the smallest of dust particles will be lifted from your floors.

ActiFlex™ – More flexibility, less work
Allowing you to get to those hard to reach spots, the ActiFlex™ function lets the nozzle glide under furniture, giving you a more complete clean with minimal effort.

80 Minutes Operating Time – Get all your vacuuming done quickly and easily
Now you can get all your vacuuming done quickly and easily, with an operating time of up to 40 minutes per battery. Once the first battery runs flat, you can replace it with a second one, giving you around 80 minutes of vacuuming time. *using both batteries

SelfStand™ – Standing on it’s own
For when you need to stop halfway through, the SelfStand™ will keep the vacuum cleaner upright, so you can easily pick up from where you left off.

LED Headlights – Lighting the way
The LED lights mounted on the vacuum head offer a practical solution to cleaning in hard to reach corners, under furniture and in other places where lighting is low.


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