PANASONIC Nanoe™ X Ion Generator Air Purifier F-GPT01A-K

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Height: 170mm
Width: 90mm
Depth: 66mm
Weight: 0.4kg

Panasonic’s Unique nanoe™X Technology
nanoe™ X are fine (5 to 20nm) and weak acidic capsules of water containing an abundance of OH radicals that are released en masse into the air. OH radicals draw hydrogen atoms from viruses, bacteria, odours and allergens that are in the air, thus inhibiting them. The more OH radicals there are, the more effectively bacteria and viruses can be inhibited. A nanoe™ X device releases OH radicals at a rate of 4.8 trillion per second.

nanoe™ X lasts approximately 6 times longer than general ions and effectively reaches a wider area
The lifespan of general air ions (negative ions) ranges from in the tens of seconds to 100 seconds. nanoe™ X have a lifespan of approximately 600 seconds (source: Panasonic internal research). Enveloped in water, nanoe™ X have a longer lifespan, which means they can effectively reach a wider area.

7 Benefits of nanoe™ X
• Inhibiting activity of airborne, adhered bacteria and viruses
• Inhibiting activity of airborne and adhered mould
• Inhibiting major allergens
• Inhibiting pollens
• Inhibition of hazardous substances known to be found in PM2.5
• Eliminating odours
• Moisturised skin, straighter and sleeker hair

Inhibition of Viruses and Bacteria
nanoe™X envelops and inhibits the activity of airborne and adhered bacteria and viruses

nanoe™ X particles, which are smaller than steam particles, penetrate the deepest parts of fibers, allowing for highly effective deodorisation. OH radicals reach the sources of the odours themselves and suppress them until they are barely noticeable.

Hydrates Skin and Hair
The weakly acidic nature of nanoe™X ion is similar to human skin and hair. nanoe™X attaches on sebum and forms membranes on skin and improves the keratin texture. nanoe™X restores moisture of the entire area which brings you well-hydrated skin and smoother hair.

USB Connection
nanoe™ X Generator can be used conveniently with USB charging ports, laptops, computers and power bank

Easy Operation
Enjoy clean air at your fingertips. nanoe™ X will be released by simply pressing the power button on top of nanoe™ X Generator.

Portable & Lightweight
Compact in the size of a coffee tumbler, the nanoe™X Generator weighs only 400g, making it portable and lightweight.