BEKO Side-by-Side 622L Refrigerator GNO62251GBTH

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Dimension: 181.7 height x 91.4 width x 74.8 depth

ProSmart Inverter Compressor – High performance, durability and noise reduction
With its innovative design, the ProSmart Inverter Compressor cools faster, uses less energy, and is four times quieter than conventional compressors. The compressor adapts to changing temperatures, which keeps food fresh for longer and saves on energy bills.

CoolRoom – Keep meat, fish and dairy fresh for longer
Meat, fish, and dairy products must be soaked at low temperatures to remain fresh. The CoolRoom compartment keeps food at a temperature slightly higher than the freezer to maintain optimal humidity. In this way, The food will remain fresh and flavorful twice as long.

Safety Glass – Highly durable glass shelves that can hold up to 25 kg.
You no longer have to worry about putting large and heavy pots in the refrigerator with tempered glass. The tempered glass shelf is made of tempered glass and can hold a load of up to 25 kg, preventing cracks and scratches better than ordinary glass. So you can place heavy objects without worrying.