ELECTROLUX 523L 4-Door French Door Refrigerator EQE6000A-B

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Door width (W): 896
Total depth (D): 782
Maximum height (H): 1725
Cabinet width (W1): 890
Cabinet depth (D1): 641
Depth door open (D2): 1105
Cabinet height (H1): 1705

The heart of the home
When it comes to being organized you can never have too much space. And whether it’s fresh produce, full width platters, bottles, condiments, frozen food or ice, this multidoor refrigerator has a place for everything.

Fresh fruit and veg, all week
The TasteLockPlus crisper creates a sealed, humid environment to lock in taste and nutrients for longer so that your fruit and vegetables will stay fresh and bursting with flavour for up to 7 days*.

EvenTemp. Tasty food.
EvenTemp keeps your food tasty for longer by minimising temperature fluctuations. By cooling each shelf individually, a consistent temperature is maintained throughout the entire compartment, preserving taste and texture for longer.

Clean, hygienic storage
TasteGuard uses a carbon filter to keep your fridge fresh, hygienic and free from unwanted odours* that can change the taste and smell of your food.

Twist. Serve. Enjoy.
The Twist and Serve ice maker allows you to conveniently store cubed ice for your favourite cold drinks. Simply fill the ice tray with water, let it freeze, and then twist the knob to release the cubes into the storage container. Perfect for when you want to enjoy the taste of a refreshing cool drink with friends.

Customisable door design
Customise your fridge just the way you want it. FlexStor makes it simple to arrange the fridge to your needs with adjustable door bins and shelves. Different sized compartments effortlessly accommodate items big or small.