LG 2-Door 217L Refrigerator Smart Inverter Compressor GV-B212PGMB

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Dimension: W 555 X H 1,445 X D 637 MM

LinearCooling™ – Keep food fresh like it came out of a farm.
LinearCooling™ reduces temperature fluctuations Retains freshness* for up to 7 days.

Multi Air Flow – The right temperature everywhere
The Multi-Air Flow system is designed to maintain the optimum temperature to help keep your food fresh. Digital sensors regularly monitor the condition inside the refrigerator and the vents are neatly arranged to surround your food with cool air to keep it fresh at all times.

Pull-out Tray
The pull-out rack is easy to use. It makes it easier for you to pick up the food immersed inside.

Large vegetable compartment
With a large vegetable compartment, you can store more fruits and vegetables while maintaining the freshness of vegetables. Fruit in the freezer as well.