PHILIPS Hair Dryer ThermoProtect 2000w BHD340/10

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Powerful drying at a lower temperature
The uniquely-designed ThermoProtect attachement powerfully mixes warm and cool air for everyday care

Powerful drying with 2100W
This 2100W hair dryer creates powerful airflow for beautiful results every day.

ThermoProtect attachment
The uniquely-designed ThermoProtect attachment powerfully mixes warm and cool air for everyday care. It drops the temperature by 15°C while still drying your hair quickly.

Precise control with 6 heat and speed settings
Easily pick the combination of heat and speed that works best for your hair and style. Six different settings ensure precise control for tailored styling.

Cool air setting to finish your style
The cool air setting provides a burst of cold air to finish and hold your style.

Slim nozzle for touch-ups and detailed styling
The slim nozzle precisely focuses the air, for quick touch-ups and perfecting small details of your style.