ELECTROLUX 25L Microwave Oven EMM30D22BM

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Dimension: 538 mm (W) x 410mm (D) x 300mm (H)

Cook a variety of dishes.
Whether it’s cooking healthy dishes like vegetables or fresh fish, the 8 automatic cooking programs help you control your time and power with precision on every menu.

Cook all dishes at your fingertips.
With intuitive menus, touch control. Both pre-cooked timers and precise power are used in all a variety of cooking methods, including thawing frozen foods.

Record frequently used programs
Whether you’re serious or joking, you can record frequently used functions. Next time, just press to get started.

Child Lock
Keep your little ones safe with the anti-play lock function.

Defrost frozen food quickly and thoroughly.
Defrost frozen food quickly and conveniently with the automatic defrosting function of frozen food. Control power and precise timing to keep your frozen ingredients thaw and ready to cook.

Adjust the power as needed.
Adjust the power level to 5 levels to match the desired cooking menu.